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Bookstore Return Policy

**All Returns Require A Receipt**

Regular Semester Courses

Textbooks are returnable using the course start date to calculate:

  • WEEK ONE - For any reason (ie. dropped, cancelled or do not need).
  • WEEK TWO AND THREE - ONLY if the class has been dropped or cancelled.
  • If textbooks are purchased after WEEK THREE,  you have THREE DAYS from date of purchase.

1-3 Week Courses

  • Must be returned within 3 DAYS from the course start date.

One Day Course

  • Must be returned PRIOR to the class start date.
  • A 100% refund will be given on textbooks (including any additional pieces) returned in the original purchase condition
  • Refunds for books purchase with a Financial Aid voucher or Payment Plan will be applied to your student account regardless of amount.

  • Refunds for purchases with credit/debit will be refunded to the same credit/debit regardless of amount.

  • Refunds for purchases with cash or check under $300 will be refunded in cash.

  • Refunds for purchases with cash or check over $300 will be applied to your student account.

Rental Returns Policy

Rentals follow the same return policy as traditional textbooks for a full refund. Click here for our rental FAQ’s or view the information you received.

Digital Returns Policy

The same return policy for textbooks is applied to E-Books. If the E-Book has been activated, it is not returnable.

Supply and Apparel Returns

Apparel and supplies are returnable within two weeks of purchase. Apparel CANNOT be worn and must have original tags Electronics MUST be returned in the original UNOPENED packaging unless defective. Defective supplies or apparel must be exchanged within one month of purchase.

Reference books must be returned within three days of purchase, must be in perfect condition.
defective books may be exchanged at any time.

Information on how buyback works