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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About the Bookstore

1.    How do I get to the NWTC Campus?

2.    How do I get to the Green Bay bookstore?

Purchase books, supplies, clothing and more...

3.    When can I purchase books?

4.    Can I purchase books online?

4.    What are the shipping rates to ship my order to my house?

4.    Are there any charges to ship it to a RLC, Marinette or Sturgeon Bay campus?

5.    When I place an order online, how long will it take?

6.    What is the bookstore return policy?

7.    Can I use my financial aid to purchase books?

8.    Can I use my payment plan to purchase books?

9.    Can I purchase supplies with my financial aid?

10.    What is book buyback?

11.    Does the bookstore carry supplies I need for my classes?

12.    How can I purchase NWTC clothing?

13.    Does the bookstore carry reference titles?

14.    Does the bookstore sell software?

15.    Does the bookstore sell Microsoft Office?

16.    Does the bookstore sell computers?

17.    Does the boostore sell gift certificates?

18.    What forms of payment are accepted?

General Questions

19.    How Can I view my required booklist?

20.    What is an ISBN? 


21.    When I try to create a profile it says that my username is already taken.

22.    What are the minimum browser system requirements to use/order from


Driving Directions

From the North: Take Hwy 41-141 south into Green Bay. Exit on Hwy 54 and 
continue west until you reach the campus on the rigth (north) side to Hwy 54.
Turn right on Country Club Road and turn right again on Student Center Blvd
(third entrance). Follow to the Student Center Building and park in the short term
parking lot. The bookstore is located on the first floor (Room# SC 146),
right inside the main entrance.

From the South: Take Hwy 41 North into Green Bay. Exit West on Hwy 54
and continue West until you reach the campus on the right (North) side to Hwy 54.
Turn right on Country Club Road and turn right again on
Student Center Blvd (third entrance). Follow to the Student Center building
and park in the short term parking lot. The bookstore is located
on the first floor (Room# SC 146), right inside the main entrance.

Address Information

Here are maps and directions to the Green Bay campus, the Marinette campus, the Sturgeon Bay campus and also for the Regional Learning centers.

Textbook Ordering

There are specific dates each term for the sale of textbooks both online and in person. The dates will be posted on our website and listed in the Student Planner/Handbook (Current dates).

Online Ordering

Yes, both used and new books are available online. There are several textbooks available for rent as well.

Shipping Charge

Our shipping charges are as follow: Shipping for 1st textbook - $6 | $1 for each additional textbook/supply.

RLC Shipping

There are no shipping charges if your order is shipped to one of our Regional Learning Centers (RLC), Marinette or Sturgeon Bay campus.

    Delivery Days

  • Tuesday • Central, Northwest, North, West and Marinette
  • Thursday • East, Sister Bay and Sturgeon Bay

Orders are shipped within 48 hours of placing it. Orders will be filled in the sequence in which they were received. Only books on hand when your order is filled will be shipped - no back orders will be created. Prices are subject to change.

Return Policy

You can return books that have been purchased in the NWTC bookstore within 1 week of the purchase date or class start date (There are some exeptions, see Return Policy). You must have your receipt. The books need to be in the original purchase condition.

Textbook Charge Program

Yes, you can use our textbook charge program. Click here for more information.

Payment Plan

Yes, If you are signing up for a NWTC Payment Plan you may request that your textbooks are added to the NWTC Payment Plan. This must be done prior to ordering your textbooks online.


Textbook Charge Program

No, financial aid purchases are limited to textbooks only.


Buyback is when the bookstore buys books back at the end of each semester. The books must be in good condition and the bookstore can only buy books and quantities needed for the upcoming semester (Click here for details and selected dates).


Yes, and more! The bookstore offers an excellent assortment of school supplies, including drafting and art supplies, as well as USB drives. Check out the assortment of calculators, backpacks, notebooks and much more.


Visit the Green Bay campus store for a full selection of NWTC apparel from Under Armour, Nike, JanSport, JA America and many more. Check out our excellent quality and prices. The Regional centers have limited selections available. Purchase our best selling NWTC clothing here on the bookstore website.

Medical Reference

Yes, the bookstore offers and extensive line of nursing and health reference titles.

(Click here for more information)


Through a partnership with the University System, software can be
ordered at educational prices at This online catalog
enables students and departments throughout Wisconsin Technical College System to purchase popular
software packages at great savings.

Microsoft Office

Currently, NWTC students can access the full version of Microsoft Office for FREE Click Here! to get the instructions on how to access it.


No, we do not sell computers.

Gift Certificates

Yes, gift certificates are available in any amount and can be used in the bookstore or for tuition fees. They are a wonderful gift idea!

Payment Options

The bookstore accepts cash, checks, financial aid book vouchers, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Discover) and debit cards.

Viewing Booklist

Click here, sign into your student account. Click on the ACADEMICS or RESOURCES tab. Then click on BOOKLIST in the link and choose the current term. It will show you what textbooks you will need for your courses. If the current term is open for ordering you will see a link on the top right corner ORDER BOOKS.

ISBN Information

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. You can find the ISBN (thirteen-digit identification number) on the back cover of the book near the bar code, or on the copyright page of the book. This information is available on the website or on the printed booklist available in the bookstore.


If when creating a new profile it's displaying that the user name is already taken and you have never registered before, please click on the "forgot password" to reset your password with that same username/email address. The system automatically creates a profile for new students.

System/Browser Requirements

In order to keep current on the latest PCI (Payment Card Industry) requirements, customers will need to use the following minimum versions of browsers that include native support for the higher encryption level (TLS 1.2) when shopping on this site.

  • Chrome 30 and above
  • Firefox version 27 and above
  • Internet Explorer version 11 and above
  • Apple Safari 7 and above

Earlier versions of these browsers will not provide full access to our site