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Textbook Rental Available Spring 2019!

What does every college student need most? EXTRA MONEY AND OPTIONS!!

That is exactly what a student at NWTC will receive if he or she chooses to use the newly established textbook rental program that has been implemented on campus. The option allowing students to rent rather than purchase textbooks provides an additional option and assists in managing student cash flow.

Used Textbook VS Used Rental Textbook

(Prices/Information subject to change without notice.)


Used Price

Used Rental


College Algebra




Looking Out / Looking In




Last Dance




Textbook rental procedure

When you purchase your textbooks, you will be given the option to rent your textbook if it is available to rent. At this time you will read the rental agreement and inspect your textbooks for any damage.

You will then return your textbooks on or before the due date stated on your rental agreement. If you do not return it before the due date you will be charged a $15 late fee for the first week after the due date. After the one week grace period the textbook is yours and you will be charged a replacement fee.

If your rental textbook is damaged you will be charged a replacement fee equal to the used price of the textbook, plus any late fees if applicable. At this point the textbook is your property.

All rental textbooks are subject to our Return Policy. Textbook rental fees will be assessed to the student on a per book basis.

For more information visit or FAQ page.

If you have any questions please call us at (920) 498-5407

Please, use this form to return your rental textbook to us.