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Textbook Rental FAQ

1.    What is the benefit of renting a textbook?

2.    How long is the rental period?

3.    What do I need to rent a textbook?

4.    Can I rent all my textbooks?

5.    Why aren’t all the titles in the Bookstore available for rent?

6.    How will I know if the textbook is rentable?

7.    Can I rent my textbooks from the NWTC Bookstore online

8.    What if I drop a class; can I get my money back?

9.    What if I decide I want to buy the textbook after I have already rented it?

10.    Can I write in my rented textbook(s)?

11.    What if I lost my textbook?

12.    When do I have to return my textbook(s)?

13.    Can I extend my rental past the due date?

14.    Where do I return my rented textbook(s)?

15.    What if I forgot which textbooks I rented?

16.    What if I forget to return my textbook or I return it late?

17.    Can I ship my rented textbooks back to the Bookstore?

18.    Will I get my money back when I return the textbook after I am finished using it?


Question 1

Renting a textbook offers an immediate savings of up to 40% off the shelf price.

Question 2

Rentals are on a per semester basis. Prices to rent are the same whether you need them for the whole semester or not.

Question 3

Student ID and be enrolled for the class for which you are renting the textbook. Once you meet those requirements you will sign a Textbook Rental Agreement. The agreement will state our policy for textbook rentals and signify your commitment to adhere to our policy and return the textbook(s) by the due date.

Question 4

While the bookstore is adding more textbooks to the rental program each semester, the list does not include every book the bookstore sells. The majority of titles available for rent are those used in General Studies

Question 5

Because the rental period is per semester, it would not be cost effective for the student to rent those textbooks that are used for more than one semester. Also, textbooks with access codes, laboratory manuals, workbooks, and loose leaf textbooks cannot be rented because the next student would not be able to use them.

Question 6

There will be a note on your booklist that the book is available for rent or purchase.

Question 7

Yes, simply check the Rent option box when available.

Question 8

The return policy for a full refund on a rented textbook is the same as any textbook purchase. The textbook(s) must be returned with a receipt in their original condition by the deadline. Deadlines for a full refund are posted in our refund policy.

Question 9

If you choose to convert your rental into a purchase simply come into the Bookstore any time before the rental due date to do so. You will be charged the difference between the shelf price of the book and the rental fee.

Question 10

Yes. The Bookstore will follow the same guidelines used at buyback – minimal highlighting and writing.

Question 11

If your rental textbook is lost or stolen, the replacement fee will equal the used shelf price of the book. The replacement fee is in addition to the rental fee you already paid.

Question 12

When you are finished with the textbook, you may return it to the Bookstore any time during the semester for which it was rented. The final return date is listed on your sales receipt. Emails will be sent throughout the semester reminding you of textbook rental deadlines.

Question 13

No. Rental periods are per semester and must be returned by the due date listed on the receipt. If you think you may need a textbook longer than one semester, we recommend that you purchase the book. Because of the strength of the Bookstore’s used book program, you will find that the Bookstore’s prices are very competitive.

Question 14

At any time during the semester for which the textbook was rented, you have three options:

• Return the textbook in person to the Bookstore in Green Bay
• Drop the textbook off at the Marinette or Sturgeon Bay Campuses or any of NWTC’s Regional Learning Centers
• Ship the books to the Green Bay Bookstore.

Please, include this form with your rental textbooks .


Question 15

We understand that, as a student, you have a lot going on and keeping track of which textbooks are rented can be diffi-cult. If you forget, you may contact the NWTC Bookstore and we will be happy to help you!

Question 16

If the textbook is not returned by the date indicated on your receipt, you will be charged for a used textbook plus a late fee. The textbook then becomes your property.

Emails will be sending out throughout the semester to remind you that you have a rented textbook and the deadline to return it. Please note that the NWTC Bookstore is not responsible if you do not read these reminders.

Question 17

Rented textbooks may be returned to the NTWC Bookstore at the Green Bay Campus via UPS or US Postal Service. The package must be postmarked no later than the due date. As long as the textbook(s) are received in resalable condi-tion and postmarked no later than the due date you will not be charged a replacement or late fee.

Question 18

No. The textbook(s) you rented are the property of the NWTC Bookstore.

Question 19

No. The fee you paid when you rented the textbook(s) is non-refundable. You will have no other charges as long as the book is returned on time and in resalable condition.