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Sell Back Information


Sell Back Information


How can I check the sell back price of my textbook?

Click here to use the NWTC Bookstore’s Sell Back Lookup Tool! You will be asked to use your NWTC Credentials (the same credentials you use when you log into the student portal) to login. Once you are logged in you can:
  • Search for sell back information using the ISBNs on the book(s) you have. If your books do not have a current sell back price, click on ‘Allow Email’ – this adds the book to your Sell Back Alert list and also allows us to send an email to your NWTC email if the book is later added to the sell back list.
  • Search for sell back information based on purchases you’ve made at If your book(s) were purchased in the store or elsewhere, please use the ISBN search.
  • Check your Sell Back Alert list.

When can I come in person to sell back my books?

The NWTC Bookstore is accepting Sell Back textbooks during our business hours.

Where can I drop off my textbooks for the NWTC Bookstore Sell Back?

At any of NWTC’s Campus or Center locations! Please click the links below for location and contact information: NWTC Green Bay – in the drop box in front of the Bookstore 
NWTC Green Bay – in the drop box in front of the Bookstore NWTC Aurora NWTC Crivitz 
 Learning and Innovation Center NWTC Luxemburg  NWTC Marinette
 NWTC Oconto Falls  NWTC Shawano  NWTC Sturgeon Bay

I can’t drop my books off or come in person, can I mail them to you?

Yes! Please click here for a form that will give you all the information you need to ship the book back to the NWTC Bookstore. This form must be included with your shipment. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the sender.

Will I get cash for my textbooks if I am able to sell them back?

A credit for the sell back value of your textbooks will be applied to your student account. If there is a balance owed to the college, the credit will be applied to that balance. If there isn’t a balance owed to the college, the credit will be processed and delivered according to the preference you have selected through the BankMobile webpage. Do you have more questions about your refund preferences? Please email NWTC Student Finance.

Will I get cash for my textbooks if I come to the in person Sell Back at the NWTC Bookstore in Green Bay?

A credit will be applied to your student account – just the same as if you mailed them in or dropped them off at any of our locations.

I am graduating/not going to be a student next semester – how will I get a refund if a credit is put on my account?

If there is a credit on your account, the refund will be processed and delivered according to the preference you have selected through the BankMobile webpage whether or not you are a currently enrolled student. Do you have more questions about your refund preferences? Please email NWTC Student Finance.

How are sell back prices determined?

Sell back prices are determined by supply and demand.
  • If the textbook is being used at NWTC for the upcoming term: The NWTC Bookstore Course Materials Team looks at enrollment, sales history, and current inventory to determine if more copies are needed for future students in the course. If more copies are needed, the NWTC Bookstore will pay up to 50% of the new shelf price for the textbook.
  • If the textbook is not being used at NWTC for the upcoming term or the NWTC Bookstore already has enough copies for the upcoming terms: The price defaults to the national price determined by the NWTC Bookstore’s partner, MBS. MBS bases their prices on the number of books they have in their inventory (supply) and the orders they are receiving from their customers (demand).

Do sell back prices expire?

Yes! Once the NWTC Bookstore reaches the number of copies needed for the upcoming term, the price defaults to the price that is based on national demand. Sell back prices are based on a first come basis. Setting up a buyback alert doesn’t save a place in line – it’s a way of letting you know as soon as possible that your book now has a sell back value.

Does the condition of my book matter at sell back?

Yes. Common condition issues that result in a book not being bought back:
  • Water Damage: The most common thing that happens in NE Wisconsin to books is that they come into contact with water – between the car and a building when it’s raining or snowing, when it sits on a table next to a beverage, when a water bottle opens up in a back pack, etc.
  • Missing pages: If pages need to be torn out to complete an assignment, the page won’t be there for the next student to complete the assignment.
  • Pet Damage: Sometimes that new puppy or kitten just can’t resist ‘helping’ their owner with their homework!
  • Excessive Highlighting/Writing: For some people, it’s helpful to use different colored highlighters and inks to keep their thoughts and notes organized. For the next person, a lot of writing and highlighting is very distracting.
  • Miscellaneous: Broken bindings, dirt, missing/torn covers, any liquid damage, tobacco/vape smoke, and anything else that makes the book unsalable.

What happens if my book has no sell back value?

If there is no sell back value for your textbook:
  • If you are visiting us in person – you may take the book with you or let us recycle it for you.
  • If you have sent them to the Green Bay Bookstore through one of NWTC’s Campuses or Centers, you will have the option to have those books returned to the Campus or Center. If you choose not to have the book returned to you, the book will be recycled.
  • If you have mailed the book or dropped it in the box in front of the NWTC Bookstore, you will have the option of picking up the book(s) within 5 business days. If the book is not picked up, it will be recycled.
  • If you mailed the book(s) and cannot make it to Green Bay to pick it up, we can ship the book(s) back to you

Does the NWTC Bookstore purchase supplies (calculators, model kits, etc.) through the Sell Back program?

Required supplies like calculators, model kits, goggles, etc. are not eligible for the Sell Back program.

Can I sell books I purchased somewhere else?

If the book can be sold to another NWTC Student, the NWTC Bookstore can buy it back. However, sometimes a book might have the same ISBN as the Sell Back list, but it’s not the same book. Sellers on the online marketplace sometimes post and sell books that are International Editions (for example) that cannot legally be sold within the United States. If the books has ‘International Edition’ anywhere on the cover or inside, the NWTC Bookstore nor MBS can resell it to another student.
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